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Welcome to the homepage of my work. The purpose for designing this page is to share some of my academic work I have done in the past with you. There are currently eighteen of them available on-line (including both my final project for my master degree and my undergraduate dissertation). If you have any comments relating to these pieces of work, please share them with me via email. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your time here.


Please Note: Unless it is indicated, all the documents on this page are in PDF format and you will need to open a new window in order to view them.


Work from MA International Marketing Management


Marketing is a process in an attempt to understand the needs and wants of consumers, then to design a product to satisfy those needs and wants and communicate the value of such product to the consumers for the purpose of selling it. Marketing management is thus a business discipline that is to focused on the practical application of marketing techniques, which is to manage a firm's marketing resources and activities: from conducting market research and analysis to develop marketing strategies and implement them accordingly. International Marketing Management is therefore to study this discipline from an international perspective.

  1. Final Project: the Influence of the Cultural Differences between China and UK on Consumers’ Buying Behaviour of the Mobile Phones 574KB
  2. A Marketing Communication Plan for the British Airways 179 KB
  3. Market research for Lifan (a Chinese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer) who are seeking for the international expansion 152 KB
  4. A Marketing Strategy for Lifan 181 KB
  5. The Influences of Cultural Differences between UK and Taiwan on Kellogg's Marketing Strategy 329 KB
  6. Group Powerpoint Presentation on Kellogg's International Marketing Strategy 1.32 MB
  7. Group Powerpoint Presentation on a Training and Support Programme that we designed for a marketing manager who will be re-located to a culturally different country for two years as a part of her career development 598 KB
  8. Management Consultancy Powerpoint Presentation for Vegapalm (develop a marketing strategy for its business expansion) 2.24 MB
  9. Management Consultancy Group Report for Vegapalm (develop a marketing strategy for its business expansion) 262 KB
  10. A Reflection Paper for the Management Consultancy 133KB
  11. A Short Literature Review for My Final Project: Critical examine the role of brand associations in successful global branding 98 KB
  12. A joint report on Studying Sainsburys Financial Reports (from Accounting and Finance Unit) 217 KB


Work from BSc (Hons) Politics with Economics


Politics is a process by which, groups of people make collective decisions, it is about to study the behaviour within civil governments and religious institutions. Economics, on the other hand, is concern how individuals and societies seek to satisfy needs and wants of people by analyzing and describing the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services within the societies. However, since economics operates within a political and institutional framework. Therefore you cannot study Economics without seeking to understand politics.

  1. Globalise or Internationalise? What sort of contemporary world do we live in at the moment? (my final year undergraduate degree dissertation)  253 KB
  2. Analyse the main source and significant of Corruption in post communist Russia  112 KB
  3. How and why has the nature of migration within Europe changed over the period 1989-2006?  113 KB
  4. The settlements of the Korean War and the Indo-Chinese War with the legacy of those settlements for the international politics in the post-Cold War era 105 KB
  5. Is the age of Sovereignty of nation states over? 78.6 KB 
  6. The report on my work placement at Motorola 105 KB

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