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                    Do You Want Make More Sales for your businesses by                             

  1. Increasing your traffic, that will lead to

  2. Stronger brand awareness, Resulting in

  3. More Sales

Then You Need

  1. High Quality Content

  2. Written / Filmed by Experts

  3. Promoted by Influencers

We Offer

  1. Content Writing / Filming

  2. Feature it on this site / my youtube channel / instagram page / facebook

  3. Promoting Your Businesses in Multiple languages (English / Chinese Tradition 繁體中文 / Chinese Simplified 简体中文)

Numbers for this site

  • Average Daily Page Views: 50 - 100

  • Average Daily Unique Visits: 30 - 60

  • Average Daily Returning Visits: 20-40

  • Traffic is continuously growing

So if you want to work with me, please contact me. 

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